If you’re reading this then you have ordered a rental for your event.
Here are a couple of reminders to make sure everything goes smooth:

CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposits are non refundable and guarantee your rentals for the day of your event. Rescheduling options are only available due to inclement weather, you will have 365 days from date of event to use your deposit for a future date. After 365 days it will be voided. 

REMAINING BALANCE: If you only paid the deposit for your rentals, the remaining balance is due no later than the day prior to your event. This helps us ensure that there are no delays in delivery. If no payment is processed on day of delivery we will charge the card on file. Please let us know if you’d rather pay cash for the remaining balance.

Rental Details 

DELIVERY  : We do deliveries between 7-11am , we will reach out to you via text a few days before to confirm delivery time. Delivery times are finalized 2 days prior to your event. No changes to set up area or address will be approved once delivery route is finalized. Any last minute changes are subject to a fee. 

GRASS: Please be sure to have your grass cut no later than the day before we set up, as well as picking up any pet droplets. 

TENTS : Please be sure area of set up is cleared before we arrive as is an additional 10ft all around for set up. 

TABLES & CHAIRS: If you are renting tables and chairs, they will be delivered curbside. If you’d like them set up please let us know to add the set up/ tear down fee. Please have tables and chairs stacked the same way they were received at the end of your event before the crew arrives , If tables and chairs are not stacked on dolly for pick up there will be a tear down fee charge on card.  

SPACE: Please measure your set up area to make sure everything will fit as we cannot be responsible if there’s not enough room for the rentals you selected.

POWER: You are responsible for ensuring that there are enough power outlets (and power) within 50 feet of your set up area. If you are renting a bounce house typically 1 regular wall outlet will do the job.

WATER SOURCE: If renting a waterslide please make sure your hose is no less than 50ft and reaches set up area. If you do not have a hose please let us know .

STAKES: We drive stakes into the ground to secure most equipment. In accordance with state laws, someone from the state may come out to your property and mark the underground utilities.

SPRINKLERS: We are not responsible for any damage to sprinkler systems on the property due to stakes or staking. If you have a sprinkler system please let us know where NOT to stake.

GENERATORS: We deliver our generator rentals filled with gas as a courtesy. You are responsible for checking the gas level every hour and adding more gas if needed.

MOVING THE UNIT : If in any case the crew needs to return to move the unit only M & K Inflatables staff are permitted to. Moving the unit is a $150 fee. Customers are prohibited from moving the unit themselves and will be subject to a $500 fee if done so. ( Please be sure the area of set up are all aligned with the above request to avoid any additional fees )

LEAVING EQUIPMENT: Equipment cannot be left unattended. You will be liable for any theft or damage that occurs to the equipment if it is left unattended and your damage waiver will be void (if applicable). This also means that if your event is at a park, you cannot leave the park before we pickup the equipment.

If you have any questions please call or text us at 239-946-9847 Otherwise we’ll see you soon!